Twitter Brings Keyword Filtering Tool To Retain Its Users


Must have heard about celebrities leaving famous social networking website Twitter with harassment allegations. Now the website has started working on keyword Filtering tool, which will help users to block the content they do not wish to see.


Twitter has been criticized since long for handling abuse on the platform. Actress Leslie Jones and British Member of Parliament Jess Phillips, have considered leaving the website after threats and other discriminatory attacks.

After such incidents company has announced a new “Quality Filter” feature that helps users to reduce the presence of automated and spam accounts. With this new tool users can block certain keywords which they find hateful or offensive. After blocking these words will not be visible in tweets.

Features and functions of this tool are still unclear. This tool is quite similar to Instagram last anti-harassment tool release. This Instagram feature currently available for high-profile users only.

Online harassment and cyber bullying are major issues nowadays and the same has been accepted as a bitter truth. Due to such issues, Twitter had a bad time in the market and now working towards this keyword filtering tool.

As there are several players in the social networking field. All players are in the war of anti-harassment tool. Keep in touch for more updates on Twitter keyword filtering tool.

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