Samsung Files Patent for New Wireless Charger Device for All Electronic Devices


Samsung has been in the news for its new releases. Now the company has something new for its customers and that is a patent for new wireless charger device.

Patents for three new wireless charger devices have been filed by Samsung recently. These devices are different from its current device which is a flat wireless charger for phones. The newly designed charger is taller than its old version and can charge both a phone and a smartwatch, at the same time.

More About Patent for New Wireless Charger Device

According to Patently Mobile, Samsung’s invention provides for a wireless charging device in which a sheet is provided at a predetermined separation distance between top of a housing and a shield-can. The sheet may shield a transmission resonator from the electromagnetic field emanating from the system board in the shield-can, and/or vice versa. Various embodiments of the present disclosure may also provide for a transmission resonator that simultaneously generates a vertical magnetic field and a horizontal magnetic field so that an electronic device can be charged via a side surface of the wireless charging device as well as on an upper surface. Accordingly, the product can be miniaturized as a large pad is not necessary and charging efficiency of the product can be enhanced as well.

This charger will charge a camera, wearable device, electronic glasses, smartwatch, electronic tattoos, smartphones, tablets and other electronic items.

Samsung will introduce this new wireless device on 2 August in an event held for new Galaxy Note 7 launch.

Samsung Wireless Charger Device
PC: Patently Mobile

Samsung Wireless Charger Device 2

Samsung Wireless Charger Device 3

Samsung Wireless Charger Device 4

Samsung Wireless Charger Device 5

The patent has been filed back in January 2016 by Samsung. The timing for this product is unclear at this time.

Source:Patently Mobile

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