Lifestage Facebook New App To Attract Teenagers


Facebook new app “Lifestage” is a new addition to photo and video sharing app family. With this app, Facebook has shown its intent to attract youngsters, one of the most popular segment in social media .

Lifestage, an app that allows its users to share photos and videos. Teens can post pictures and videos whatever they like. Also, you can express your emotions by liking and disliking the post.

Facebook Lifestage

About Lifestage

This app opens directly on your camera screen and focuses on photos. You can also search for your classmate’s profile directly. Classmate profile browse option is available on few conditions such as iOS only invitation and each school needs at least 20 users to get this activated.

Facebook Lifestage users can make video clips to describe likes, dislikes and other activities like dance style and others. All your videos and pics can be viewed only by Lifestage users like Facebook.

According to app’s iTunes store description, “Lifestage makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network. Simply capture into a field on your profile, then post it on your profile. Once your school is unlocked, you can access the profiles of others in your school community (and all over!) so you can get to know people better in your school and nearby schools, discover others who are into the same stuff you are and connect with them.

People that are 21 or under can use this app and see others profile. If you are 22 or up, you’ll only be able to view your own profile. App has a tool which lets users block and report older folks.

Lifestage is currently available for iPhone users only and in the U.S.

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