Intel Is Focusing On User Experience With Kaby Lake Processor


Intel world’s largest chip maker revealed it’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processor. This new chip has enough things to replace all old PCs. This new chip will offer performance improvement and optimizations over last architecture.

Intel Kaby Lake Processor

According to Intel Vice President Navin Shenoy, Kaby lake is focused on the speed and 4K UHD support. The new Kaby Lake processor is upgraded version of earlier Skylake chips. Since Intel is focusing on user benefits its 7th generation core processor will these benefits: 4K ultra-HD video streaming, 360-videos, and intensive graphical performance for video games on small computers.

Kaby Lake Processor Benefits For New Generations

To enjoy 4K content from your favorite services like YouTube and Netflix, Kaby Lake will allow users to create and edit their 4K content with 8x faster speed. The company claims that this processor will give 12 percent faster productivity and 19 percent faster web performance in comparison to the previous processor.

All these advantages can be seen in app switching as well. It will not effect if you use heavy apps like 4K video editing software. This processor will help you in basic battery life improvement up to 9.5 hours of playback on 4K videos.

Intel refers this processor as the 14nm+ process. Also, Kaby Lake should start appearing in September with dual-core low-voltage parts in the U-and Y-series. Initially, the processor will be seen notebooks and Ultrabooks. Later, most likely will be available for desktop and high-performance parts from January next year.

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