Google’s New Smart Assistant Will Work Inside Cars


Google is all set to make it new smart assistant a part of cars as well. As we are aware that Google’s new assistant is already a part of its messaging app, its amazon Echo-like Home device and its new pixel phone. Moving forward Google’s new smart assistant will work inside cars as well.

Google Smart Assistant

New Smart assistant is based on Artificial Intelligence like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and it will get smarter in coming days as the updated versions and amendments will be made by Google. Smart Assistant was first released in its messaging app, Allo, Last month, Powers Google Home and is made standard for Google based smartphones.

As per one of the leading newspaper, Google will start to partner with the automaker directly to get their new smart assistant be part of cars. As of now, there is no news with which automaker Google will work and how the integration will be implemented.

As we are aware that Ford-Echo partnership was designed to let you start your vehicle or tell you how much charge your electric car has without walking outside. It’s yet to get some more insight that on which grounds that partnership will be signed. Review good laptops here

We can get the clear picture from the Google’s plan of action that it is following other tech giants and is trying to find a way to make itself world’s number one brand by implementing its new products wherever possible.

We are looking forward to hearing the news of Google’s partner for this new venture. We know this time as well Google will make us excited by choosing the best from the Auto Industry as well to keep up the pace of Google’s Image.

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