Google Chrome 55 Offers Faster Browsing Via Memory Optimization Feature


Google has announced to upgrade its browser Google chrome with some great features. Google is planning to utilize Memory optimization feature for faster browsing. In order to use memory optimization, chrome will use upgraded Java-Script engine which will help in reducing the memory usage of websites which were designed using Java-Script. That simply means that Google chrome 55 offers faster browsing via memory optimization feature.

Google Chrome 55
PC: Youtube

Google is planning to launch the newer version on coming 6- Dec. The biggest challenge for utilizing the memory optimization feature will be seen the browsing results for chrome 55 on the low memory or low budget smartphones where we need to see the performance of google chrome as while browsing through Google chrome 55, users will have many running applications in the background.

As per the recent conversation with Google’s JavaScript team, they have revealed that–

Most noticeably, the average V8 heap memory consumption of the mobile New York Times benchmark reduced by about 66%. Overall, we observed a 50% reduction of average V8 heap size on this set of benchmarks.

Another optimization introduced recently not only reduces memory on low-memory devices but beefier mobile and desktop machines. Reducing the V8 heap page size from 1M to 512KB results in a smaller memory footprint when not many live objects are present and lower overall memory fragmentation up to 2x. It also allows V8 to perform more compaction work since smaller work chunks allow more work to be done in parallel by the memory compaction threads.”

Google has also tested the browsing speed of Google Chrome 55 on several websites like The New York Times, Reddit, YouTube, and others where they have witnessed the significant enhancement in the performance of the browser performance. As the version significantly reduce the memory footprints which results in faster browsing experience for the user in comparison to Google chrome 53 version.

We all are eagerly waiting to get our hands on Google chrome 55 version for better and faster browsing experience.

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